Letter from the Editor: Recharge Your Batteries

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Anne McGregor

It's the season of grand, and at times overly ambitious to-do lists and resolutions. But even the most accomplished among us occasionally long for a little respite from it all. In this issue, we focused our attention on three magnificent master suites — beautiful to look at, but also designed for meeting the owners' needs as a place to recharge. While these rooms benefit from spectacular views and expansive bathrooms, in reality a getaway can be forged in almost any room by adding a comfy chair and footrest, a small side table for a cup of tea and a soft throw. The important thing is making the space — and then taking the time — to recharge.

In fact, getting recharged is also the focus of Samantha Wohlfeil's exploration of why our energy flags during the day, and what you can do about it. Local experts weigh in on tackling tiredness. Hint: Naps are involved.

In Family, our pediatrician columnist Matt Thompson delved into shoe-leather reporting when he found himself in New York City. You won't want to miss his dispatch.

And in Food we have a delightful feature by Coeur d'Alene mixologist Justin Schorzman on crafting impressive, guilt-free cocktails and mocktails.


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