Relax. These three marijuana strains will mellow the harsh of cabin fever

Pre-rolled joints at Phat Panda in Spokane Valley. - YOUNG KWAK PHOTO
Young Kwak photo
Pre-rolled joints at Phat Panda in Spokane Valley.

Winter's final days are upon us. Late February approaches, and if you're like me, you're eagerly awaiting spring's arrival. If you want some help getting through these final days of winter, here are my three favorite strains for the current moment.

Golden Pineapple by Phat Panda

A sativa-hybrid that delivers the perfect mix of uplifting energy without any jittery overindulgence, Golden Pineapple might be my favorite strain at the moment. At 19 percent THC by weight, it's strong enough to deliver a punch of a high but not overwhelming; consuming a full joint isn't going to be the end of your night. From my experience this is the perfect weekday strain. After a long day of work, when you've still got some chores to do, a joint of Golden Pineapple will power you to get the job done without wearing you down.

The solo pre-roll sold by Phat Panda of Golden Pineapple is among my go-tos. It's perfect for a Tuesday evening when you still need to pull together some loose ends while also starting to relax into a rejuvenating evening.

Blueberry Cheesecake by Cascade Crest

Based upon what this strain hails from, it sounds disgusting. Blueberry and cheese? Yikes.

But it's not that. Blueberry Cheesecake is a phenomenally delicious indica. At nearly 22 percent THC by volume, this strain can knock you out, but it's meant to be a solid couch-lock indica. If you want to watch a movie, or binge a series, or just relax on the couch for an evening, this is the strain for you. Say it's a Tuesday and you've got nothing to do. Well, this is the strain for you. It will keep you home while keeping you engaged, though also engaged to your couch, for a few hours.

Gorilla Cake by Soulshine

I can't remember a strain recently that has knocked me out quite like this one. If I'm looking to just fall asleep, I'll look no further than this. Gorilla Cake has proven better than melatonin.

It doesn't deliver the couch-lock of a traditional indica, but it brings an anxiolytic, calming vibe that always makes me sleepy. It won't knock me out, but it puts me into the state of mind to fall asleep, and happily, better than any other strain I can remember. Unlike stronger strains that knock you out, Gorilla Cake is more of a lure-you-to-sleep strain that won't overpower your morning with groggy aftereffects. ♦

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