Revitalize Your Resolutions

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Are you getting ready for another round of New Year's resolutions? Calendar year intentions seem to be the underdogs in the goal-setting world. So why the bad rap? Think of an unrealized goal from resolutions past and ask yourself these questions:

Carla Brannan is a personal life coach on Spokane.
Carla Brannan is a personal life coach on Spokane.

1) Were you physically, emotionally and mentally prepared to take the actions necessary to achieve your desired goal? If not, what needed to be different?

2) Was it really your own goal, or something you thought your spouse, parent, boss or society wanted? If there are hidden "shoulds," it may be that it wasn't solely your intention.

3) Did you wholeheartedly feel you would be successful? If there was doubt, ask yourself why.

The answers may reveal obstacles you want to address. It's not uncommon for us to unknowingly sabotage our goals before we even get started. For 2015, consider the questions above. Now you're ready to write your resolution by applying the following guidelines to create a powerful statement of intention.

1) Use the present tense, writing as if it were already true.

2) Use positive language; write what you want rather than what you don't want.

3) Make it personal and use your favorite words.

I'm interested in hearing what you come up with for your 2015 New Year's intention statement. Here's mine: I have a vibrant yoga practice in my home sanctuary.

May we all be fruitful in our resolutions!

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