This is a past event.

River City Sessions with KYRS

You’ve got to love how much Spokane’s businesses and community groups collaborate. Case in point? The new “River City Sessions with KYRS” kicking off on Friday. Tasty beers and live music obviously go hand in hand for many, so catching a gig by Spokane band Uh Oh and the Oh Wells at the River City Brewing taproom is a fine evening on its own. Add in a live broadcast of the proceedings on community radio station KYRS and you have something altogether new in Spokane nightlife. River City will be hosting, and KYRS broadcasting, these sessions every third Friday of the month, so be sure to pay attention to the ever-changing lineup.

Fri, Jan. 17 at 7 pm • Free • River City Brewing • 121 S. Cedar St. •

— Dan Nailen

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