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Re: “Back to Relevant

They wouldn't have the house if they had not gerimandered the districts. They simply can not win a Presidential election if they continue to alienate women, minorities, and young people with policies like:
1. A personhood amendment that would force a rape victim to have her rapists baby
2. Opposing the DREAM Act, which of course they wrote and supported right up until the Tea Party told them they weren't allowed to
3. Telling the 47% that they are victims
4. Creating massive debt with tax cuts for the 1%, wars of aggression, and deregulation of Wall St.

Posted by rmaynord on 02/01/2013 at 8:58 AM

Re: “Big Decision Time

Did you learn your female biology from Rep. Akin? If a fertilized egg attaches in the falopian tube, it can rupture and cause a tremendous amount of internal bleeding which of course is a medical emergency. In El Salvador, you are not allowed to have surgery to remove the fertilized egg until the falopian tube ruptures because of their strict personhood laws.
I won´t even go into how big your government needs to be to require a rape victim to undergo a medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasound prior to having a legal medical procedure, then telling you to turn your head or close your eyes.

Posted by rmaynord on 09/20/2012 at 10:45 AM

Re: “Big Decision Time

So if Romney believes that there should be exceptions for the life of the mother and for rape, why would he tell the folks at Fox Noise that he would sign a personhood amendment? Could it be that he is trying to flip flop yet again and tell the conservatives that he really is that crazy right wing while attempting to tell the rest of the country that he didn't actually mean it.
What parts of Obamacare is he going to keep? Somedays he says pre-existing conditions, somedays it is full repeal. It just depends on the audience. This is why real conservatives can't support him.

Posted by rmaynord on 09/19/2012 at 1:19 PM

Re: “Big Decision Time

Note that neither of you are able to defend Romney´s policy proposals, but rather attack me for potentially being part of the 47% that pay taxes in the form of sales tax, payroll tax, gas tax, etc.
Have I described the Personhood Amendment incorrectly? Mitt was specifically asked about whether he would sign a personhood bill on Huckabee´s Fox Noise show, to which he repied that he would.
What happens if a woman has an ectopic pregnancy? What happens if she has a miscarriage? Is there a government investigation?
You can´t defend this policy.

Posted by rmaynord on 09/19/2012 at 9:55 AM

Re: “Big Decision Time

As always, Mr. Nethercut has done an excellent job of summing up the coservative argument, and note that it is completely fact free.
Mitt Romney´s economic plan is to give $5 trillion in tax breaks to the wealthy by doing one of three things: increasing taxes on the middle class, blowing up the debt, or cutting the social safety net.
His plan for Medicare is to trn it into a voucher pogram that will cover about half of the cost of private insurance. (Goodluck grandma getting insurance with diabetes and heart disease)
Mitt thinks that Russia is our greatest geopolitical foe
He also said that he would sign a personhood amendment, which would not only ban certain types of birth control but all abortions, even in the case of rape and incest.
And in terms of President Obama being weak on forein policy: Mybe you should ask Osama Bin Ladin, Kadaffi, or the Syrian government if those predator drones sting a little.
The bottom line is that Romney can´t explain his programs in detail because they would be extremely unpopular with the vast majority of American´s. He was hoping the frustration that President Obama having not waved a wand to take us back from the Bush disaster would translate into a victory based on no actual substance at all.

Posted by rmaynord on 09/17/2012 at 2:00 PM

Re: “Wild Ride Coming Up

The point is that we must first diagnose how we got here. The facts, and I know that facts have a liberal bias, are that if we had stayed on the path the Clinton put us on, we would have paid off the debt this year. It is only because of Bush that we are in this mess. So, when we start talking about the Republicans in the race, who have no descernable differences in tax policy from Bush, except maybe to give more away to rich folks and take more from poor folks, we need to start talking about reality. The reality of the situation is that Mitt paid a 13.9% tax rate by chopping up companies and calling his earnings capital gains rather than a salary. You likely paid twice that much. That is not fair. You know it, Mitt knows it, and that is why he refused to release his taxes until he got his clock cleaned in SC.
By the way, the way out of this mess is investment in infrastructure and education, avoid wars without end, and make coporations and the 1% pay their fair share. What is your plan? Kill Medicare? Good luck with that.

Posted by rmaynord on 01/24/2012 at 12:59 PM

Re: “Wild Ride Coming Up

I like the George has a special way of noticing problems in D.C., then glazing over why they have become issues, and just cuts straight to blaming President Obama without being hindered by facts. Yes, we have a debt and a deficit, but you might remember the almost all of the debt is attributed to George W. Bush by the CBO because of the Bush tax cuts, wars in Iraq/Afganistan, unfunded Medicare part D, and the financial crisis. President Obama has a jobs plan that will actually lower the unemployment rate by investing in infrastructure without getting rid of those pesky regulations on trashing the environment as the Republican plans do with deregulation. George knows very well that the Senate is gridlocked because his party has staged an incomparable number of filibusters, including any nominee to the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, despite the fact that the law created the Wall street watchdog. By leading from behind as George puts it, we have avoided becoming mired in more wars in the middle east, saved unknown hundreds of billions of dollars, and more importantly have not killed our young men and women in uniform based as Bush did in Iraq with faulty if not fraudulent information. Is this really the new conservative argument?

Posted by rmaynord on 01/17/2012 at 1:32 PM

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