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Re: “Manufacturing Fear

According to the Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich's own policy manual, it appears that the sheriff's office is "constitutionalist." Ozzie is on our constitutional liberty side, unless he prefers contradictions and "spin" to simple reality and clearly defined words.

Spokane County Sheriff's Office Policy Manual
...We should consider it our duty and privilege, not only to protect citizens from criminals, but also to protect and defend the rights guaranteed under our structure of government... ... Our broad philosophy must embrace a whole-hearted determination to protect and support individual rights while at all times providing for the security of persons and property in the community...

All employees shall observe and comply with every person’s clearly established rights under the United States and Washington Constitutions.

I would like to provide Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich with an opportunity and "privilege" to "protect and defend the rights guaranteed under our structure of government" (our constitutional republic). I have a simple way for the Sheriff's office to prove their "whole-hearted determination to protect and support individual rights and provide security of persons and property" here in Spokane county.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, my income and property are currently under unlawful threat of seizure by out of control WDLI employees. .My right to hang a truthful flier on a private bulletin board has been taken away under color of law, without due process of law, and over my objections and my efforts to stand up for my constitutionally guaranteed rights. I have in my hand a warrant for the seizure of my property issued by the Superior Court on behalf of WDLI and dated June 19, 2015.

In violation of my 1st Amendment right to publish a list of my skills, I was mailed 2 citations with fines totaling $1500.00 for hanging a truthful flier on Yoke's Market's bulletin board in Deer Park, WA. Two citations for the same flier on the same bulletin board for the same day! My request for my constitutionally protected right to a speedy trial by jury of my good neighbors was ignored AND poo-pooed in writing by Assistant Attorney General Angella Zurlini. After over three years in the APPEALs process where government employees ignore our Supreme Law of the Land and try to convince me that I am a bad neighbor who deserves to pay the government employees $1500.00, we have arrived at this WARRANT for the seizure of my income and property.
I have a blog site that records all of my efforts to educate government employees to their good neighbor civic duty to protect and support our state and federal constitutions here:
The blog contains many comments from other citizens who have been victims of what appears to be a policing for profit scheme to fund WDLI's budget. By statute all revenues from fees and fines goes back into WDLI's own operating budget for the salaries, pensions, and benefits of WDLI employees. Most people do not desire to spend over three years arguing with government employees, so they just pay the outrageous unlawful fines. WDLI laughs all the way to the bank!
Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, please send out a deputy to see all of my documentation and record a COMPLAINT with your office according to your own words in your policy manual. That way, when WDLI calls your office for an escort to my home to seize my property, you will not be in the dark as to what is truly going on.

And, you will prove that you are a man who honors his Oath of Office and your own integrity.
Russ Hinds
10421 E. Jutte Ln
Elk, WA 99009

P.S. I have a copy machine so that your deputy, or yourself, can take the evidence in hand back to your office for action--to be turned over to a prosecutor, etc.

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Posted by Russ Hinds on 08/16/2015 at 8:08 AM

Re: “Rep. Matt Shea, Infowars react to (and distort) Knezovich's comments in this week's Inlander cover

Can we just get the sheriff to admit that government employees have many times overstepped the constitutional restraints, and that he would be better serving the public if he used his MRAPS against out of control bureaucrats, judges, and DMV clerks?
How about a guy's constitutional right to publish a list of his skills?
How about a guy's right to a speedy trial by jury before taking his right to publish a list of his skills and his property away from him?

Government employees need training in being good neighbors who do their civic duty to support and uphold our Supreme Law of the Land so that they can stand up to their idiot supervisors who are telling them to write tickets for revenue and meet their quotas.
Good neighbors also care about their neighbors who are the victims of out of control government employees. Hey Ozzie, do you care about your good neighbors? Can you admit government employees make mistakes? Can you stand with me in support of our Supreme Law of the Land?

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Posted by Russ Hinds on 08/14/2015 at 4:49 PM

Re: “So what are “constitutionalists” and why would a deputy worry about them?

Good neighbors do their civic duty to uphold our Supreme Law of the Land. Simple! Men and women have given life, limb, and treasure to preserve the constitution for their posterity. Simple! Our founding fathers were constitutionalists. So much so, that they wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

If the Inlander and government employees are confused about our constitution and about being good neighbors who support the constitution, then that is a sad reflection of our government schools dumbing down the last three or four generations.

And don't pretend that a large group of government employees and lobbyists have not been attempting to violate the second amendment with gun legislation. Playing innocent and dumb while provoking concern among people who have lost family serving in the military to "defend our constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic" is ludicrous on the part of government employees, journalists, and special interest groups.

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Posted by Russ Hinds on 08/13/2015 at 11:47 PM

Re: “BEHIND THE COVER: Why is Sheriff Ozzie stepping on a snake and some flags?

People who "hate government," as Ozzie puts it, usually have legitimate reasons for doing so. Government has expanded way beyond constitutional restraints in the last fifty years. Ozzie seems to "hate" admitting that fact.

It appears to me that Ozzie is of the type who will defend government all the time, even when it is clearly in the wrong. Evidently he has an exceptionally high view of himself and government being the good guys, while everyone else is potentially a bad guy. This exceptionally high view of himself and government does not comport with his Oath of Office to uphold and support our Supreme Law of the Land. It appears that something is skewing his thinking processes. Ego, perhaps? Irrational fear of his fellow man? Fear of liberty and justice for all? If he and government can't control it, then they fill their diaper? --Too many control freaks getting government salaries already!

Whatever... the Inlander's articles on the sheriff leave me convinced Ozzie ought to find another line of work.

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Posted by Russ Hinds on 08/13/2015 at 8:21 PM

Re: “Manufacturing Fear

Here we have two sides with differing perspectives and opinions. Each side shows distrust and fear of the other side. "Divide and conquer."
Government employees want to be the good guys who protect the public from the "bad guys."Government employees need bad guys in order to justify their budgets, salaries, and MRAPS. Therefore, government employees view all citizens as potential "bad guys," guilty until proven innocent. This phobia leads to fear of the public, which then requires all the military hardware, bullet proof vests, helmets, dark face masks, etc. Andy Griffith and Barney Fife move over, the big bad "good guys" have come to town. They aren't gonna let any scofflaws get away... The heroes have arrived...

Patriots just want the government employees to leave them alone and quit looking for nonsense, fabrications, hype, and propaganda to use against constitutionalists. If a man is passionate about standing up for his right to own a gun, he might say, "If a cop ever comes to my house to take my guns away, I'll give it to him bullets first." Then, instead of government employees reassuring the guy that we have a 2nd amendment, government employees take the passionate statement as a threat. The bully's ego has been provoked, and in his childish fear the government employee can use the statement to justify more MRAPS and body armor for the "troops" (not public servants anymore, just troops and "the authorities" We the People are not subjects of the state, rather We the People are the masters of the state--read your state and federal constitutions).
Constitutionalists have no lack of examples of government overreach and disregard of unalienable rights. That is a fact that government employees do not want to admit. Every example of government employee overreach is justified at all expense by government employees, even resorting to obfuscation, misleading inferences, and flat out lies.

Patriots know what good neighbors are. Patriots also know what good neighbors are not. Here is a simple list for you to ponder.
1. Good neighbors do not take the right to free speech and redress of grievances away from their neighbors.
2. Good neighbors do not take the right to bear arms away from their neighbors.
3. Good neighbors do not take the right to be secure in your person and possessions away from their neighbors.
4. Good neighbors do not deny their neighbor the right to a trial by jury of good neighbors. [Bundy was never convicted by a jury before his property was confiscated. Bureaucrats disregarded the Supreme Law of the Land, as is way too common these days]
5, Good neighbors do not use fear, hype, and propaganda to justify higher taxes on their neighbors to be used for the bureaucrats' salaries who write more and more unconstitutional regulation and act as lawmaker, judge, jury, and executioner. [Let's not forget about all the waste and frivolous use of taxpayer funds throughout all levels of government by government employees. And, let's not forget about all the policing for profit schemes used to fund government through the issuance of citations with fines, etc.]
And 6. Good neighbors do their civic duty to uphold and defend our Supreme Law of the Land, just as our soldiers risk life, limb, and treasure defending our constitutions from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Now, with the above list in hand, who are the good neighbors?
And to top it off with "I know of what I am speaking" you can check out my blog "Man Fined $1500.00 for Looking for a Job."

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Posted by Russ Hinds on 08/12/2015 at 10:18 PM

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