Saranac Art Projects Presents: Presencing

The first exhibition of the new year for Saranac Art Projects features five guest artists, some of them former Saranac members, like Hannah Koeske, who explores relationships in her paintings. Mana Mehrabian’s photography addresses “identity, power, perception, and the body.” Ellen Picken’s new paintings work with the subject of silent moments and dreams. Local college art instructor Lena J. Lopez Schindler’s work refers to the U.S.-Mexico border. And visiting assistant professor Emily Somoskey explores how humans experience space. The work covers a range of media and content in a show titled Presencing, opening this weekend.

Presencing • Jan. 7-29, open Fri-Sat from 12-8 pm • Free • Saranac Art Projects • 25 W. Main Ave. •

— Carrie Scozzaro

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