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Scarywood Haunted Nights

Forget the pumpkin patch: Scarywood Haunted Nights is back and looks to bring more fall scares than ever to locals. Through its past 10 iterations, Silverwood’s Halloween-themed attraction has established itself as a top destination in the Northwest for spooky misadventures. In addition to many of the classic Silverwood rides you’ve come to know like Tremors, Panic Plunge and Timber Terror (backwards!?), Scarywood boasts five haunted attractions and seven “scare zones” throughout the park that are always a safe bet for some mayhem. Make sure to go through them all, and don’t forget to watch out for costumed actors wandering throughout the park looking for a quick jump scare. Pro tip: Thursdays have less of a crowd and tickets are cheaper.

Oct. 3-Nov. 2, Thu from 7-11 pm; Fri-Sat from 7 pm-midnight • $27-$41 • Silverwood Theme Park • 27843 US-95, Athol, Idaho •

— Connor Gilbert

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