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Re: “Strong Arm of the Law

Well, Dave, it´s been 48 hours since I asked you to get real about your evil misdeeds. Normally you would answer within about 30 minutes when you had something witty to say. Funny how the cockroaches scurry for the basement when the lights come on.

Posted by sensible on 07/14/2010 at 3:38 PM

Re: “Strong Arm of the Law

I love how David Elton takes credit for Hammer´s thoughtful post...."I elicited it"...."congratz are in order".....give me a freakin break. He says he "just wanted people to be truthful about who they are"....In my first post I asked Davey-Boy why the big chip on his shoulder, could it be because he has had his run-ins with police?? He NEVER answered or even referred to that question. What happened to all that transparency, fella? The internet is a wonderful let´s hear ALL about that CRIMINAL RECORD, Mr. Elton. Be honest now. Don´t make me do it for you.

Posted by sensible on 07/12/2010 at 4:07 PM

Re: “Strong Arm of the Law

David Elton...Elton John...whatever. Thanks for proving my point about the raving lunatic comment. You came through with flying colors! And congratulations on all the phone calls and emails..."yeah baby!" That´s funny. Congrats on being a hero to other degenerates who spend most of their time guzzling bong water and dreaming of Anarchy. In one breath you say most cops are good men, and you applaud their courage. Then you say "everyone despises" them, and you call them "porkbellies." Your credibility is non-existent. Last year two deputies pulled my cousin out of his burning truck just before the inside became engulfed. All involved were singed. Saved his life though. Perhaps I should have passed your sentiments on to them...called them "piggies" or "porkbellies" or something. You pretend to be a "real man" because you post your name on here? 1. That´s retarded. Who wants a bunch of calls from God knows who? 2. Why not be a real man and do their job for a few nights? Methinks your tighty whiteys would be double-stained and you´d be sucking your thumb, begging to be back behind your keyboard where it´s safe and warm....where you think spewing idiocy makes your man-junk grow. Perhaps it does in your case. With that, I´m done reading your garnage or replying to it. Enjoy the calls, and breathe deep.

Posted by sensible on 07/04/2010 at 12:02 AM

Re: “Strong Arm of the Law

David "gonadz" Elton has exposed himself for the whiny little law-breaker that he is. You obviously have had your run-ins with the law and got your just desserts....don´t be bitter because the system worked ON you, not FOR you. You start out with your posts sounding even-keeled, and now you have digressed into a ranting lunatic....typical. And no, I´m not a cop....I´m just a realist. So take a deep breath and step away from your keyboard, Mr. Genitalia. We´re all tired of reading your idiocy.

Posted by sensible on 07/03/2010 at 4:24 PM

Re: “A History of Violence

If the main article this author wrote is any indication, you can bet there are lots of "omissions" here. Are these supposed to all be unnecessary uses of force that are listed? I love how justified shootings and such are mixed in conveniently with questionable incidents...typical.

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Posted by sensible on 07/03/2010 at 5:24 AM

Re: “Strong Arm of the Law

This reads like load of liberal feces to me. Did you even READ the complaints against this Deputy Welton? The road rage incident had CIVILIAN witnesses that said the guy got out of his car and kicked Welton´s car. And how is Welton yelling at other deputies got anything to do with anything? SO WHAT? And the complaint where the guy is detained and then let go...the guy who complained is the one who called THE DEPUTIES "punk idiots." Read the complaint a little better, Deshais. Or did it serve your agenda to lie about it? And the gang-banger who said he was severely "beaten" with flashlights and kicked about the head and face....then he shows up to complain without an injury on him. This is the most one-sided piece of garbage I´ve read in a long time. Those guys do the toughest job on Earth day in and day out, and 99.9% of them do it very well. Mistakes and some wrongdoings do occur sometimes, but the crap you cite here is worthless. There is always some crybaby college newbie with a keyboard, ready to be an expert on something he knows nothing about. Find a different line of work.

Posted by sensible on 07/03/2010 at 5:10 AM

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