So, You Want To... Play Trivia

Six spots where you can test your mind while filling your belly

So, You Want To... Play Trivia: Six spots where you can test your mind while filling your belly
Young Kwak

The Bar

Pizza Pipeline's dine-in location, the Bar, offers a trivia night every Wednesday and Thursday. Hosted by Bent Trivia, the competition lasts five rounds of 10 questions each, gradually increasing in difficulty from softballs to butt-kickers. Trivia night at the Bar is open to all ages, so feel free to enlist adolescent experts on video games and YA novels. There is no limit on team size, which is a blessing or a curse depending on how prone to squabbling your group can be. Food prizes are awarded round-to-round, including pizza for the big winners and dessert for the best team name. Wednesday 7 pm, Thursday 9 pm • All ages • 1403 N. Division St., Spokane

The Growler Guys

Every Wednesday evening, the Growler Guys, assisted by Third Degree Entertainment, host one of Couer d'Alene's most highly reviewed trivia nights. The five rounds are played over about two hours and cover a breadth of topics, although there is always a music round and a general knowledge round. Each round offers a chance to win a bag of candy, and the first and second-place teams go home with $25 and $15 gift cards, respectively. So what separates the Growler Guys' trivia night from the rest? According to assistant manager Dale Davis, it's the host. Corey Marcoux is the owner of Third Degree Entertainment, and always keeps the energy up with unique questions and a great sense of humor. The game begins at 7:30 pm, but Dale advises you to come a little early to guarantee a spot. Wednesday 7:30-9:30 pm • 21+ • 225 W. Appleway Ave., Coeur d'Alene

The Globe

For those over 21, Jon Bingle, creator of Bent Trivia, hosts Tuesday trivia nights at the Globe. At 8 pm on Tuesdays, Jon leads five rounds of trivia based around the "Word of the Week" and three themes publicized earlier. TVs located around the bar ensure that everyone in the Globe can play along. Difficulty increases throughout the night, but director of public relations and marketing Shaniqua Niles says that the breadth of topics is where the real challenge lies: "We've had nights where people had to identify Disney princesses based on a picture, and others where people answered multiple choice questions about geography." Strenuous mental exertion requires fuel: the Globe always offers two trivia night beer specials, with a different selection of discounted drafts every week. Tuesday 8-9:30 pm • 21+ • 204 N. Division St., Spokane

The Boiler Room

Catch Colin Burk, dubbed the "Trivia Guru" by the Inlander in 2015, hosting at the Boiler Room every Wednesday night. The weekly theme is kept a secret until the night of, but a music round and a picture quiz are always included. The last round is a mixed bag of questions — "a lil' bit of something about everything," as general manager Heather Frost puts it. All ages are welcome, and Heather adds that Colin is great at keeping the entertainment PG when kids are present. The winners earn gift certificates, and other prizes are available for the team with the best name — everyone else can take advantage of beer and vodka specials. Die-hard trivia regulars make reservations in advance every week. Wednesday 8:30-10 pm • All ages • 6501 N. Cedar St., Spokane

Bon Bon

Bon Bon, a cozy little spot tucked up against the Garland Theater, is filled up every Monday night by a crowd of trivia regulars. The small bar, although packed to the rafters by fierce competitors, is always willing to make room for newcomers trickling. Bon Bon does not employ an entertainment company — Jasmine Barnes, a bartender at Bon Bon, runs the show, as well as several other trivia nights in the neighborhood. Victors of each of the four rounds are rewarded with appetizers and gift cards. The big winner will take home a $20 gift card that can be used at either the bar or the theater — and what's a more perfect way to celebrate your victory, after drinking film-themed custom cocktails such as the Tequila Me Smalls or the Dancing Queen, than with a free ticket to the silver screen? Monday 7 pm • 21+ • 924 W. Garland Ave., Spokane

The Backyard Pub

Passersby strolling through West Central Spokane may hear Colin Burk's voice spilling across a sunny street Tuesday evenings. This is thanks to the Backyard Pub's speaker system, which allows trivia buffs to take part in the fun from the beautiful open-air patio. Four rounds covering pop culture, music, general knowledge and a picture quiz afford customers the chance to win growlers, stickers, gift cards and any other doo-dads manager Michael Alverson can dig up for the night's festivities. Tuesday 8 pm • 21+ • 1811 W. Broadway Ave., Spokane

Also try trivia at: (start times subject to change) Press; Monday at 8:30 pm • Iron Goat Brewing Company; Thursday at 6:30 pm • nYne Bar & Bistro. Thursday at 7 pm

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