Tips to keep your home smelling weed-free this holiday season

Grandma doesn't need to smell your stash of Killer Skunk. Nor should she discover the Technicolor buds of Pink Candy cannabis in the cookie jar you keep by the door.

Keeping your home smelling weed-free has always been a battle — long before Washington legalized it. Now it's the holidays, which means you've got family and friends crawling all over your shit. Heed these simple tools to keep you high and hide the odors while the in-laws are over.


Purchase a Tightvac storage jar (pictured). The lightweight, durable plastic containers are water resistant and virtually crush- and odor-proof. The airtight seal will keep your bud fresh and can hold up to 2.35 liters — the equivalent of a 2-pound bag of flour. Smaller sizes are made for single cigarettes, cigars, wraps and blunts.

Prefer your old shoebox or the tea tin in the pantry? Fine. Just stuff a handful of scented dryer sheets in your stash box to keep the buds at bay.

Smoking indoors

Use a vaporizer or some form of e-joint/cigarette. The smoke is nonexistent and easy enough to cover up with room sprays, candles and even incense.

If you refuse to put down the bong, purchase some Ozium air sanitizers. Febreze and most other products won't entirely mask the smell. Instead, your bathroom, car and body will smell like coconut or holiday berry funk. Ozium eliminates the smell and can be purchased on Amazon or Walmart for less than $10.

Or make a spoof, a tube commonly consisting of a toilet paper roll and dryer sheets. Stuff the dryer sheets into the roll and blow your smoke through the tube. This only works for pipes and bongs — any smoking apparatus where the bowl doesn't remain burning and releases smoke into the air between hits.

Smoking outdoors

Be careful. Don't get fined. Smoking weed "in view of the general public" is still against the law. You can smoke in the privacy of your own home/backyard so long as you're in possession of no more than an ounce of usable pot.

Otherwise, find a nice breeze — or better yet, the laundry vent — and enjoy. ♦

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