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Slavic Ways (see is a publication in Russian language for Slavic people in WA, ID and OR States educating legal immigrants and refugees on how to become productive and independent ASAP in the land of the free, home of the brave. Businesses which wish to reach Slavic sub-markets are welcome to offer their services to Slavic community: we ask for generous discount when/if possible. SW will help with translation and design of your message. You can find our newspaper in Winco Stores, Chinese Buffet and other businesses oriented toward and or popular among Slavic People (former USSR and its satellite states). FYI: Slavic small businesses offer their unique Europe like services not available in the ‘franchised world’: handmade accessories, live music, tasty dishes and so much more. When you use their services, you are helping local businesses and facilitate economic independence and sustainability. Visit our website — there is an auto-translation in English button which will give you an idea what it is about. “Славянские пути” это бесплатное ежемесячное издание для штатов Вашингтон Орегон и Айдахо, содержащее новости, практическую информацию, разнообразные истории и мнения специалистов по правовым, политическим, экономическим и прочим вопросам. Распостраняется через продовольственные магазины и организации ориентированные на русскоязычную аудиторию, а также такие бизнесы как WINCO Store и Chinese Buffet Restaurants, популярные среди русскоязычного населения.

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