Small Can Be Big

There are simple ways to make a positive impact

click to enlarge InHealth editor Anne McGregor
InHealth editor Anne McGregor

Americans like to think big, but that may sometimes get in the way of recognizing the positive effects of taking smaller bites. In our cover story "Starting from Scratch," a nutrition educator encourages families not to get too caught up in revolutionizing their entire diets when working on eating healthy. Instead, just try to do some small thing each day — she recommends maybe adding a glass of milk to a meal. Nothing earth-shaking, no real trauma to your way of life.

Similarly, while you may not be ready to go off the grid and have a negligible human footprint, why not use your purchasing power to help a local business that's trying to make a difference, like those featured in our "A Healthy Bottom Line" story? Maybe you can't go green all day every day, but what about starting with once a month? Before long, little changes just may add up to significant results.

Unfortunately, that also can apply to acquiring negative habits, such as getting a little too breezy about regularly consuming alcohol. I'll be interested to hear your take on Linda Hagen Miller's thought-provoking story, "Rethinking Drinking." As always, you can reach me at

To your health!

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