Sneak Peek: Sandpoint’s crappy goose situation, wildfires, windstorms, Kate Bush, Christopher Nolan and more!

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For starters, we have an in-depth look at a crappy situation in Sandpoint. It involves Canada geese. First, some background: We overhunted Canada geese, decimating their populations. Then we tried to fix things by breeding them in captivity, but that messed up their migratory patterns. These “resident geese” put down roots and have flourished to the point that cities across America are inventing new ways to harass them in hopes of getting them to move along — largely because of the nuisance poop they leave behind. Sandpoint, the liberal blue dot in deep red North Idaho, is the middle of this particular battle, and for some residents, the stakes couldn’t be much higher. “It amounts to kind of an aviary rights problem,” one of them tells staff reporter Wilson Criscione in this week’s cover story.

Also this week:
• Samantha Wohlfeil explains how Palouse Brand used massive Amazon success to put locals to work.
• Nathan Weinbender investigates the sonic genius of Kate Bush as her Hounds of Love marks 35 years.
• Dan Nailen takes a closer look at Emma Noyes’ Baby Speaks Salish, which is more than a language guide, it’s a reclamation.

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Hundreds of square miles burned on Monday, prompting the evacuation of towns like Mansfield, Washington. - TIFFANY PRESTON PHOTO
Tiffany Preston photo
Hundreds of square miles burned on Monday, prompting the evacuation of towns like Mansfield, Washington.

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