Sneak Peek: The Outdoors Issue, Fourth of July, a killed police contract, summer songs and more!

The latest issue of the Inlander is hitting newsstands today. Find it at your local grocery store and hundreds of other locations; use this map to find a pickup point near you. You can also read through the digital edition here.

Among the stories in this week’s OUTDOORS ISSUE is a tale about Jordan Jonas, a native of Athol, Idaho, who’s made a career out of simply surviving. Simply is the wrong word. Nothing’s simple when you spend 77 days alone in Artic, fending off cold, boredom and insanity with aplomb while living off the moose that you killed. Jonas was the last man standing on Alone, a survival reality show on the History Channel, and won $500,000 in the process. Find his story as well as truly simple ways you can get out in nature, too, in the special section.

Also this week: We look at how Spokane City Council’s smackdown of a proposed police contract, we get nostalgic about the halcyon summer of 1999, “one of the wildest, jampacked years for mainstream pop music,” and we’ve got ideas for celebrating the Fourth of July.

Ecology funds more than $20 million in Eastern Washington clean water projects. MORE

The Spokane County sheriff says organizers demanding a mental health chat instead of the planned 'Killology' event should 'fix their own damn house.’ MORE

Lawsuits by both Washington state and a class action group of cities and communities co-led by the City of Spokane announced proposed settlements with chemical manufacturer Monsanto that will provide millions for remediation and cleanup efforts. MORE

Twenty-four people who tested positive for COVID-19 are believed to have contracted the virus from individuals who made recent visits to downtown Spokane restaurant and bar Borracho Tacos & Tequileria. MORE

In case you missed Jim Frank’s guest editorial on affordable housing: “Let's use this giant interruption in our lives to figure out the future that we want. Foremost in our planning should be the ability to look after our most vulnerable and those impacted by inequality. Attainable housing is where we need to start.” MORE

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