Sneak Peek: Vigilantes in America, laughter during a pandemic, remembering John Lewis, the NBA and more!

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This week’s cover story looks at vigilantes and how they thrive in uncertain times — when the status quo is threatened, when people worry about meeting their basic needs, when they doubt society’s institutions are up to the task of maintaining their sense of peace and justice. Jonathan Obert, a college professor who studies vigilantism, tells us: “We’re in the middle of one of those cycles. We’re definitely in an upswing.”

You can see it happening across America and in our own backyard: Average Americans are taking the law into their hands. Locally, we’ve witnessed people pull pistols on suspected shoplifters, chase a Black man and his family in what they wrongly believed to be a stolen car, and hunt down burglars and zip-tie them to chairs. Also, it probably comes as no great shock: Gun sales are booming.

• Also this week: We explore how a local comedian is trying to get laughs during a pandemic, dig into the new menu at Arbor Crest, look back at the incredible life of John Lewis and climb inside the bubble surrounding the NBA.

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Sneak Peek: Vigilantes in America, laughter during a pandemic, remembering John Lewis, the NBA and more!
Photo illustration: Lisa Larson-Walker/ProPublica

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