by Mike Corrigan

Band of Brothers -- Identical twins Jason and Justin Munning -- who currently form the nexus of S.F. Bay Area band Ten Mile Tide -- grew up in Spokane and went to L.C. (class of '95, for all you interested Tigers). The band played here in August and will be back again next Thursday, opening for the Clumsy Lovers at the Big Easy. That's right, the boys are back in town.

The six-piece Ten Mile Tide has been together for almost four years and plays a jamming blend of rock, folk, bluegrass and groove. While the group's music springs from '60s freedom rock (Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Allman Brothers and Crosby, Stills & amp; Nash), TMT's success has much to do with the modern age -- specifically, modern computer-based file sharing technology. The band has been an outspoken supporter of Kazaa, and it's no wonder -- Kazaa users have downloaded more than 10 million Ten Mile Tide songs worldwide. Domestically, the band has a Street Team that currently consists of more than 200 members in 42 states, paving the way for successful touring. (The band is supporting its second album, Flow.)

While they have miles to go before they find their mugs on the cover of Rolling Stone, the band members are nevertheless very pleased to report that they've achieved that to which so many musicians aspire: the ability to quit their day jobs and pursue their musical muse full-time.

Lucky things.

Pass the Souvlaki -- CenterStage's World Music Concert series offers a unique integration of music, culture and cuisine for your nightlife entertainment buck. Each concert celebrates a different world culture in food (prepared by Executive Chef Kile Tansy) as well as in musical and dance performance. This Sunday, catch the Pang & eacute;o quintet (under the leadership of Cristos Govetas) as it plays lively folk music from Greece and the Balkans. Here's the drill: get there by 5:30 pm for the food (and drinks); stay on till 7 pm for the beginning of the tunes.

Publication date: 12/02/04

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