by Leah Sottile

A Few Minutes Short -- At this point, we've completely lost count of how many members local skankers 10 Minutes Down have gone through since they started back in 1997 -- but we're betting it's a baker's dozen. Or double that. However many it is, two senior members of the group, both fan favorites, are kicking out their last jams with the boys this Friday at the Big Easy. Bassist Kyle Bradshaw, known for playing most of the show with a wide-open mouth -- (Don't believe me? Look at the photos at -- and Sean McKenzie, one of the gaggle of pogo-ing trumpeters in the band, will bid their adieus. For what? Life. Both members are moving on to big-time careers and families, and finally turning in their keys to that enormous 10 Minutes Down truck. A limited number of free tickets to the show are available at Zumiez locations around town, 4,000 Holes and Boo Radley's. If you miss the boat on those, tickets are only $5. Seaweed Jack and the Morning After will open, and 10MD will also sell copies of their new acoustic album (recorded live at the Shop a few months back).

Roger That, Loud and Clear -- You'd pretty much have to dope us up and tie a boom box to our ears in order to get us to give Spokane radio chance. Lord knows you can't pick up good music on any of the local mainstream stations -- not unless good music to you is the Nuge, R. Kelly or Clay Aiken. But, fear not, there are some radio waves in town worth tuning into. We're talking about the indie rock, electronica and hip-hop you can pick up on Thin Air Radio, the local community radio station. When they kicked things off a little more than a year ago, Thin Air could only be picked up in certain parts of town on 95.3 FM -- but strangely not in the downtown area surrounding the station. That'll all change this Sunday morning, when you'll be able to pick up the station on 92.3 FM loud and clear all the way out to Liberty Lake.

Publication date: 12/09/04

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