by Mike Corrigan

Phat Tuesday's -- Fat Tuesday's is back, baby -- maybe better than ever. After leaving the original Fat Tuesday's Concert Hall in the Riverwalk complex behind last May, owner Ken DuPree wasted little time tracking down new digs. An opportunity presented itself in the form of the venerable Gatsby's/Johnny Rocket's/Club Say What/what-have-you space at 109 W. Pacific Ave. While this venue boasts a glorious live-rock past, it's been in need of a serious facelift since about 1979. Well that's just what DuPree and his crew have given it. They 86-ed the shag, and outfitted the big, 400-capacity room -- its first show was last Thursday night -- with state-of-the-art lights, monster sound, a larger stage and a full-service hard liquor bar with 12 beer taps. "We've even got the Jager on tap," says DuPree.

The club can also cater to the under-21 crowd. Look for a full calendar of Fat Tuesday's all-ages rock shows in the very near future, starting with punk rockers Naked Aggression and Total Chaos this Monday night at 5 pm and the Vendetta Red, Noise Ratchet, the Exit and Riverside show next Thursday, Nov. 11.

Go Army -- At a recent party, a trusted music scene insider reported that Duff Evans, drummer for the irrepressible Dee Farmin Army, had very recently (like, that day) packed his bags and lit out of town. It's one thing to leave your band mates in the lurch -- it's another thing to do it the day of a big show (D.F.A. was scheduled to perform at the B-Side last Saturday night). "Yeah, I found out about it at around 2:30 that day," confirms front man Dee Farmin. "That was a little weird."

Such is rock. In any case, Farmin says the search for a replacement drummer has officially and vigorously commenced. Stay tuned for news of a revamped Dee Farmin Army coming soon to a local stage near you.

Publication date: 11/04/04

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