by Mike Corrigan

Listen Globally -- Endearingly self-deprecating in the time-honored tradition of most Spokane bands, early-'90s local scene stalwarts Nice World have no allusions about their relevance in today's market. The announcement we received promoting the band's reunion show at the B-Side this Friday night neatly cuts the crap: "No one bought the EP. They weren't critically acclaimed. No one asked them, but they're back anyway." Indeed they are -- with the classic lineup of Lew Petro, Jay Scherer, Bill Barrington and Mark "Cos" Costigan playing that muscular, beer-soaked rock from Nice World's past, present and (perhaps?) future. Fans and those in the mood for a brisk Spokane scene near-history lesson should definitely check in for a taste.

Sweet Dreams -- Air Supply as seen at the Northern Quest Casino last Saturday night. Yep. Air Supply.

Good Flyer -- Dave Kelley of Six State Bender (he's the drummer, you know) has a real knack for designing eye-catching rock show flyers. We wish we could show you the one we received from him this week announcing the Creeps/Six State Bender show next Wednesday at the B-Side. But we can't. It's a bit too (how should we put it?) risqu & eacute; to be reproduced in a family-friendly publication such as this one. That's too bad, because it is really quite delightful, the kind of show flyer that has a very limited club wall life because it usually gets swiped well before show night. Well, keep 'em coming, Dave. We certainly appreciate your artistic abilities.

Publication date: 11/18/04

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