by Inlander Staff & r & O-Zo Fine & r & According to sources so reliable and secret that we'd gladly risk a contempt-of-court citation and state prison rather than shatter their anonymity, Los Angeles-based Latin-flavored rock/hip-hip/funk band Ozomatli were seen at the Blvd. last Tuesday night mixing it up with local Latin favorites Milonga. How did this happen? Apparently, members of Milonga (specifically, Nick Vigil, who seems to know the guys in Ozomatli pretty well) invited the nationally touring group to join his band in a jam session following the recent Los Lonely Boys/Ozomatli show at Riverfront Park (that was, as you may recall, Tuesday, Aug. 9). Well, Ozomatli showed in full force, joining the members of Milonga on the Blvd. stage for an impromptu show that fairly wowed the understandably amazed crowd. Yep -- 'twas a night that shall not be soon forgotten. Serendipity rules.

Hot New Wax & r & The Makers' new album, Everybody Rise!, hits stores on Tuesday. It's the first record they've released since leaving Sub Pop and hooking up with fine Oly indie Kill Rock Stars a year ago. It's got depth and dimension. It moves. It's maroon. It's everything you've come to expect from this Spokane-spouted band and more. Give it a spin.

Of Skinheads and Bowling & r & Do you like Camper Van Beethoven? We like Camper Van Beethoven. In fact, we've been backtracking a little this week, listening almost nonstop to the first three classic CVB albums from the lovingly assembled (and, for our money, indispensable) Cigarettes & amp; Carrot Juice: The Santa Cruz Years five-disc boxed set, which compiles just about everything you need to hear from one of the weirdest, most amazing bands ever to blend punk, Eastern European folk, Tex-Mex, ska and psyche-rock -- all from those golden days (ca. late-80s) when the moniker "college radio darlings" actually meant something.

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