by Inlander Staff & r & Flying Solo & r & Guitarist/songwriter Dorian Michael has been playing everyone's favorite six-stringed instrument for more than four decades. In all that time, he's become pretty chummy -- not only with his trusty guitar but with just about every American popular music style, including folk, jazz, blues and rock 'n' roll.

These musical persuasions have percolated inside Dorian's noggin for more than 40 years into a brew he calls "contemporary traditional" -- it's purely original music that exists as an outgrowth, rather than a clone of his influences.

He's done some recording -- and has written a pair of books on the finer points of alternate guitar tunings -- but it's at those live gigs where Dorian's clear blue and honest songwriting and performing is best appreciated. Though he hails from central California (living in a "very old cabin that leans slightly northeast"), Dorian regularly travels throughout the West, playing just about any venue that will host him.

Which brings him to Huckleberry's Market (926 S. Monroe St.) for a free performance this Wednesday evening from 7-9 pm -- he'll also be doing a show at the Rocket Market on Tuesday, Sept. 6 -- and this question: Will you be there to witness it?

Nasty As We Wanna Be & r & The group that ruined our Puritan upbringings is coming to play Fat Tuesdays -- tonight, Aug. 25. Though they've been around a long time, 2 Live Crew haven't done much of note since Roy Orbison's handlers sued the Crew over their debauched cover of "Pretty Woman" -- in 1989. These days, they mostly play shows and take credit for things they didn't do. Their latest press release has them billed as "pioneers of the Dirty South style of rap." We're pretty sure they didn't invent Crunk, so the title must mean that they're from Miami, rap about nothing but sex and swear a lot.

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