by Inlander Staff & r & We Have Four ... Thousand & r & Thursday brings a pretty stacked lineup of local hip-hop. A slew of Inferno Records artists, including Inferno Mobb, Adrian, Young Weezy, 4000 Watts Entertainment and Game Infested will descend on Fat Tuesday's round about 8 pm to spit some Inland Northwest game. This is the label's second show since mid-October, the first of which popped off like mad.

Bullet in a Royalty Check & r & Green Day has spent the better part of a year touring around, spouting their hatred for George W. Bush and the evils of preemptive war, social conservatism and governing by corporation, thereby setting themselves up as cultural gadflies and political malcontents trapped in Major Label rock bodies. Recently, though, they've been conspicuously silent on the issue of the American Idiot mash-up album and the cease-and-desist order it spawned. Warner Music sent the order to 10 days after two DJs posted the mash online. One of the cuts, "Boulevard of Broken Songs," was intended to point out the uncanny resemblance Green Day songs bear to tracks like "Dream On" and "Wonderwall." Billie Joe Armstrong reportedly found the idea of a mashup flattering, but took no steps to lift the cease-and-desist order. So much for the populist leanings, Green Day, you old-ass faux-leftist yuppie hypocrites. That's gentrification, homes.

(Truly Disturbing) Numbers & r & Three American Idol contestants made the Nielsen Soundscan Top 10 Albums list this week. At number two, Carrie Underwood sold 271,000 units. The southern rocker she beat, Bo Bice, took the number four spot on his opening week (227,000 copies). The most shocking, though, was Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway -- released a year ago -- which sold 181,000 copies (good for eighth place). Makes us want to drink the Kool-Aid, frankly.

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