by Inlander Staff

Random Musing No. 1 -- Just who is behind Gorilla & amp; Rabbit? Everyone has an idea who stands inside the suits (are they suits?) of Spokane's most enigmatic and disturbing garage rock duo -- but what do we really know? And what's with all the switch-ups? At the KYRS benefit show at the B-Side a couple of weeks ago, for instance, G & amp;R performed as a guy in a full-body yellow chicken suit. Riddle me that, readers.

Cover Me -- Sooo ... what's the deal with all the tribute-band action over at the Big Easy this summer? (Tribute bands are essentially cover bands that go all the way in an attempt to replicate the concert experience provided by the real bands they emulate.) The inherent weirdness of the tribute-band phenomenon notwithstanding, the venue has beefed up its summer schedule with a trio of acts that eke out a living by imitating acts that used to be commercially viable -- if not always great.

This Friday night, it's "A Celebration of Jimmy Buffet's Music" with Garrat Wilkin & amp; the Parrot Heads (the irony of that name isn't lost on us). The corpse of the demised former leader of the Grateful Dead will apparently be exhumed for the Jerry Garcia Band show on July 6 (according to the press release, singer Ron Penque has "a voice just like Jerry -- you close your eyes and it's Jerry"). But performers don't even have to be dead or unconscious to have tribute bands nipping at their leavings. Case in point: Super Diamond, which plays the Big Easy on July 16. For a solid decade, these guys have lived on the table scraps of the real Neil (who, incidentally, is still performing -- and is in fact performing at the Spokane Arena on Sept. 15) while they "spread the word with their own interpretation of his material." They're spreading something all right.

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