by Inlander Staff

Weight of Vapor? -- News flash, kids: Sounds as if two of Spokane's most-yakked about bands (and two of The Inlander's top five Buzzworthy bands) are looking to mix it up. Perhaps capitalizing on the absurd confusion that they are the same band, Belt of Vapor and Weight plastered Spokane with "Weight of Vapor" posters for Sunday's show at the B-Side. What does it mean? Well, considering both bands share one member, BofV bassist and Weight guitarist Aaron Powell, the two groups started to experiment with what they could collaborate on. With some members having combined before in the short-lived Love Letters to Hate, the members of both bands all plan to pile onto the B-Side stage -- combining on some songs, going solo on others and possibly getting all five members to rock out all at once.

Hot Fuss -- Geez. Finally, it's starting to feel like summer. This is our favorite season - not for hiking, biking or anything like that. Nope, we [heart] summer because it's the season to party. Late-night chill sessions, all-day shindigs, evening barbecues, summer kegs 'n' eggs - really, anywhere, anyhow. And during a weekend perusal of Boo Radley's excellent music shelves, we found ourselves unexpectedly purchasing Elemental Chill, Vol. 1: Fire - an album we'd even venture to call the party anthem of the summer. There's no one you've heard on this album, and many of the song titles aren't even in English. But what you will find is that Fire, and its sister albums (Vol. 2: Earth, Vol. 3: Air, Vol. 4: Water), are deliciously cosmopolitan electronic party soundtracks perfect for any summer fiesta. It's music that makes you want to dance, to drink, to eat and laugh. And you can be sure that your guests have never heard it before.

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