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Music Video Thrills -- The Makers will be in town this Friday night, May 20, at the B-Side to squash a bunch of nasty rumors (like, that Jamie had quit) and to stretch their leathery rock 'n' roll wings after completing work on the band's new album for Kill Rock Stars called Everybody Rise! (release date: Aug. 23). If that isn't enough to get your boozy heart exploding with delight, check this: The band will also be filming a new rock video during the performance. So if you'd like maybe to see your mug splattered all over MTV2 in the near future, get on down to the B-Side for the Makers' show. And flail.

Noooooooo! -- So much death to sort through lately -- first our beloved Il Papa and now Satan in Yellow. Yes, friends, it is our sorrowful duty to inform you that the mighty Satan in Yellow is calling it quits after 10 years of rock 'n' roll mayhem and mirth. And it's for real this time -- according to band brain trust, Krush Kulesza, who says that after viewing one too many hospital bed death watches, pulling the plug on SiY seemed like the best thing to do. Luckily, fans will have one more chance to catch the band live -- then kick the corpse -- this Saturday night at Fat Tuesday's, along with the Dee Farmin Army and the Federales. Everyone who shows up gets a free copy of the final Satan in Yellow album, Throwin' Rocks Like a Muthaf***a! Thanks for the memories, boys.

Go, Dave -- There's nothing we love more than watching a bunch of reviewers snobbier than us get taken down a notch -- and that's exactly what David Cross does in Pitchfork Media's most hilarious feature yet: "Albums To Listen To When Reading Overwrought Pitchfork Reviews." Check it out at

Publication date: 05/19/05

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