by Inlander Staff & r & Adams Leppard & r & If Sound Advice has any raison d'etre, it's pointing out just how bizarre it is to be an old-ass band still making a go as a touring act. Case in point: besides perhaps Bryan Adams and Poison, we can't think of a stranger concert bill than Adams and Def Leppard. We racked our brains for way longer than we should have, and couldn't come up with any unifying characteristics between the two groups, other than a thirst for a cut of the nostalgia economy. Surprisingly, reports are circulating that Leppard's third encore actually involves Adams. Maybe the groups form like Voltron to play "Pour Some Sugar on the Summer of '69." They'll hit the Arena on Nov. 7.

A Test of Your Endurance & r & Have you ever wanted to see how many hours you could stand watching live music indoors until you completely lost your grip on sanity? Us, too -- not that we'd ever be inclined to act on the impulse. If you want to, though, this Sunday would be a great time to do it. The CenterStage/ella's complex is staging a benefit for ... well, itself. (It's a nonprofit, you know.) Twelve bands are slated to play for eight straight hours, including many of your local faves. Tickets are $25, $15 for students. You can get a partial day pass for $15 as well, which is like the concert-going equivalent of a half-marathon.

Capital Gains & r & If there's one thing that can stave off a nasty feud in the hip-hop world, it's all the cheese to be earned by collaborating with a bitter rival. 50 Cent, our favorite fraction of a dollar, has said he wouldn't be against producing Jadakiss' next album -- Jadakiss being the person 50 Cent has clowned on relentlessly in his music. Someone get Israel and Palestine to cut a record already.

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