by Inlander Staff & r & The CD Release That Wasn't & r & Seaweed Jack's Oct. 29 CD release party went off without their CD, The Captain, which fell victim to production issues. The CD is finally here and copies are being sold at area music stores. (We heard it; love it). In Spokane, you can pick it up at Unified Groove Merchants and 4000 Holes. For you fans in the Panhandle, they'll be selling copies at their Sandpoint show, Saturday at the Powerhouse.

Hipster Hat Trick & r & Having been recently featured in the Stranger, and now being featured on KEXP's latest podcast, former Spokanites Velella Velella are just one -fecta from scoring the Seattle acceptance trifecta. What that third thing would be, we're not sure. Maybe, like, scoring a really kickass flat with recording space and kayak access to Lake Union. Water, sewer, garbage, parking etc. included. Oh, and it'd have to come with a dog and several pairs of crampons ... a stocked absinthe bar ... hookahs for everyone ... girl pants ...

SCAN-dah-lous! & r & Sony BMG announced it is discontinuing use of XCP in its CDs, an anti-pirating software that installs spyware and malware on user's computers. Didn't hear about it in the first place? Yeah, that's 'cause Sony tried to keep it a secret, and they did a pretty good job, until people's computers started locking up inexplicably. As of this moment, you can get the crap removed, but only if you give Sony your e-mail address and your firstborn child or something. It's so bad, Microsoft is considering creating a fix for XCP on the next iteration of the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Mac users needn't worry, XCP can't install to OS X. If you're a PC user, though, and one of the 21 million people who bought Sony BMG CDs with this software, hold on to your hard drives.

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