by Inlander Staff & r & Honey Bee Norman was it? & r & In last week's Nightlife listings we erroneously listed as "Henry Bee Noone" the Seattle-based trio Henry B. No One, who rocked Rock Coffee on Saturday night with a combination of fuzzed-out guitar, alto saxophone, an Apple laptop and a pair of "post-apocalyptic back-up dancers," topless save for some strategically-placed electrical tape. We regret the error. But not as much as former Spokanite Peter No One is going to regret his oily rat-tail mullet in about 10 years. Going all Scissors Sisters is fine, but let's not forget the timeless line "This'll be the last time / I ever do your hair." Even the Scissor Sisters are divided about their look. Bad sign, Pete.

A Different Animal Collective & r & Gorilla and Rabbit, it seems, are making a rare appearance on Saturday at the B-Side. Known less for their music than for their antics, the duo dress up in various animal suits and take great lengths to keep their identities hidden. If you've never seen their live show, you should check it out. If only to speculate about who's behind the masks.

Neutral Elf Hotel & r & Jeff Mangum reportedly got onstage and sang one verse of one song with Athens, GA, group Elf Power on Thursday, Nov. 17, marking the second time since August he has made an unscheduled appearance. Prior to those two shows (the other with Olivia Tremor Control), the Neutral Milk Hotel songwriter, who has become the indie pantheon's most reclusive and mythologized god, had been virtually silent since his 1998 release In The Airplane Over The Sea. Both appearances happened in New York, giving some clue as to where Mangum might be living, in case someone (or all of us) wants to make a pilgrimage, anoint him with fragrant oils and worship him like a graven image.

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