by Inlander Staff & r & Not in Time for the Holidays & r & If this kick-ass a week in music had happened before last Thursday, we wouldn't have had to stand around the cornucopia trying to avoid eye contact with our respective familial patriarchs, getting elbowed in the kidneys when the what-are-you-thankful-for train came chugging around the table before resting uncomfortably on us -- we who stood in resolute silence -- until our respective matriarchs said, "Screw it, the yams are getting cold." But we won't have to see those spoilsports again until Christmas, their dour visages replaced by the sunny likes of Andrew Bird, Aqualung, Nickel Creek, Shooter Jennings, Schoolyard Heroes, the Makers, Horace Young and the Bacon Brothers. Rejoice.

Two Out of Five Ain't Bad & r & Speaking of the Makers, there are rumors swirling that they'll be touring with the New York Dolls next year. The New York Dolls! Awesome. Though, at this late date -- with only two of the five original Dolls still living -- we wonder if it'll be like touring with the Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd or, for that matter, the Glenn Miller Orchestra. The better the group, the more conspicuous their fractured remains. Apparently there's a new Dolls album in the works, though, so we're withholding judgment.

Rootkit Scandal Cont... & r & Looks like Sony might be getting sued by New York State for its devious use of that anti-pirating software we told you about. Staffers from the New York Attorney General's office successfully purchased albums that contained the DRM software more than a week after Sony had recalled them. That pissed off AG Eliot Spitzer proper. This comes after the filing of a similar suit by the state of Texas, which seeks $100,000 dollars per CD. That's a potential per-CD loss of $99,984. Rethinking that business plan now, Sony?

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