by Inlander Staff & r & Drunk and Weary Tour & r & The South Austin Jug Band just released its second album, Dark and Weary World, and they're fixin' to celebrate it at two shows this week. East Valley High School alum Dennis Ludiker and his ragtag crew of lightning-fast pickers and grinners'll get boots on the ground at the Blvd. on Sunday, then again at John's Alley in Moscow the next evening. If you forget your moonshine, Joel might give you a nip of his.

Wine of the Times & r & How ubiquitous is wine? Everyone drinks it, sure. Everyone is suddenly, magically, a connoisseur. Sure, there was that movie that did amazingly well last year, and got people to abandon merlot in droves. You can't really claim ubiquity, though -- that your once snooty beverage has fully reached the hoi polloi -- until ZZ Top crashes your party, which they do, playing Maryhill Winery, on Saturday.

Thriller Night & r & Shiny Toy Guns are often labeled dance pop, though we're more inclined to call them Neo Wave. Whatever. The important thing is their lineup. Courtesy of, it's: Carah Faye on vocals, Gregori Chad on guitar, Jeremy Dawson on synths and Mike Martin on drums -- all to be expected. It's also, though: Mary Timme on costumes and Leah Fitzgerald on... choreography. There's nothing more to say, really, except: Big Dipper, Sunday.

By Mayoral Dictate & r & By writ of Jim West, today is Emmylou Harris Day. There's no question she deserves her own day -- her own month, even -- but you'll forgive us for questioning West's motives. As Ms. Harris doesn't seem like intern material (neither young nor gay nor male), we suspect it's an attempt to get our vigilant gaze off Gondola-gate.

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