by Inlander Staff & r & Yes, It Is Noise & r & Unified Groove Merchants is going to destroy your preconceptions of what constitutes music on Saturday at 6 pm. That's when you'll get a free dose of regional noise acts the Earwigs ("alienoise destruction"), Bruce Hormann ("noise/sounds") and Boise's the Cindy Margolis Is Hot Band ("noise freak-o"). The show will also explode your preconception that you need more than one dude and loops of droning, piercing static to constitute a genre.

Depressurization & r & This Friday at 8 pm, Northern Quest Casino is going to make like economy class in a jetliner out of Palm Springs with malfunctioning landing gear and a hole in the cockpit. It'll be full of panicky old people, cheap drinks and a rapidly exhausting Air Supply. Zing! Seriously though, those guys are like 80 and still kicking. That's called longevity, folks.

Built To Riot & r & Last night in Chicago, there was a riot in a club after fans, expecting a concert from the inimitable Ghostface, were met with five hours of crappier opening acts. The exact opposite scenario happened on Saturday at the Big Easy when Built To Spill frontman Doug Marsch explained, at 9:45 pm, that they'd have to cut their set short (due to the crowds awaiting Club Fusion). Our disgruntled though peaceful citizens didn't riot, but they sure did swear a lot, and loudly, as they left the venue. They continued to swear a lot as they loitered on the street and in Rock Coffee, after the show. The sentiment our ears caught most often: "Those guys won't be back."

Fresh Web Content & r & If you like your music hot, fast and full of archetypal literary characters, boy, have we got the interview for you. It's 2,200 pulse-pounding words with the Decemberists' Colin Meloy, and it's only at & lt;a href="" & online & lt;/a & .

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