by Inlander Staff & r & East vs. West & r & Rock Coffee has a massive Halloween show going down on Monday, with some strange, vaguely warlike, setup. Like Spokane bands vs. Seattle bands or some-such: Death to Graves vs. Doomsday 1999, Hollywood Legend vs. Antlers, Big Deal vs. Your Colleagues Are Dead, Eastern Express vs. The Assailant.

Don't Call It a Violin & r & We'll be damned if the Darol Anger Fiddle Ensemble wasn't worth the trip on name alone, despite being at the Kenworthy in Moscow on a Thursday. Further: not simply possessed of a great name, the DAFE was a huge hit with the NPR crowd as they saw their way through the works of everyone from Bill Monroe to Stevie Wonder. Yes, that Stevie Wonder. On a fiddle.

Kazembad Records Kickoff & r & David Kazemba's guiding principle for his new record label is "Play it local. Play it loud." He'll be doing both on Friday at the Big Easy as area bands YardSail, Supernaut, Liquid Ambition, and Character Flaw unite to blow roofs off.

iBelieve & r & This is how you prove to your friends that you alone are a right worshipper at the Altar of Apple, the only true student of the Book of Jobs. The iBelieve takes your mild fanboydom into all-out creepy, life-defining territory for only $15.99. Gaze ye upon it, and weep.

Fresh Web Content & r & If it's Friday (or perhaps, late Thursday), then we've got people's impressions of the Decemberists show, hot off the digital presses. Find it at

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