by Inlander Staff & r & 1997: The Year in Rap Drama & r & Watch out for some serious violence suppression at VH1's Hip-Hop Honors this week. Not because of any threats of gang violence, but because of the deliberately rage-and-scorn-heavy guest lineup. You see, among others, the show will honor Christopher Wallace (See also: the Notorious B.I.G., Biggie, Biggie Smalls), who died in 1997 under incredibly suspicious circumstances. Faith Evans, his former wife, will pay tribute in song. Li'l Kim, his former mistress, will rhapsodize about his wanton infidelity, or something. Closing out the drama trifecta, Biggie's mother will be in attendance as well. She's currently working on a book about what a massive ho Li'l Kim is. Seriously.

Sippin on Jee-yin and Juice & r & Did you ever hear that song -- maybe in college, probably during Napster's golden age, before its inevitable collapse -- that your jam band buddy sent you, the filename something like "phish_gin_and_juice.mp3"? Remember that crazy thing? Phish covering Snoop Dog. That was great. Made you wish Phish would do nothing but hip-hop covers.

Well, bad news, friend. That wasn't Phish. It was a roots band called the Gourds. The good news is, they're playing John's Alley in Moscow next Thursday. It's like 80 miles, but if you've ever gone on a road trip to see the String Cheese Incident -- and we know you have -- that distance is nothin'.

Because of Flu & r & Kel-Kel Clarkson has rescheduled her show, and so quickly, too. She'll now be playing the Star Theatre on Dec. 18. Six weeks might seem like a long wait, but it'll allow her to recoup from her crippling bronchitis, and also give her enough time to shred up a fresh batch of hair metal T-shirts, completing an edgy new fall look (which resembles her spring and summer looks).

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