by Inlander Staff & r & Bogart That Harmonica & r & The harmonica is something of a lost art form since Blues Traveler did evil, despicable things to it. (Helio Sequence also used it for ill purposes.) Lost for the better, some would say. Not me. I had a friend who was way into the harmonica once. Played it all over the place. He ended up a molecular engineer, but not before smoking tons of weed (college, liberal arts school). Point being: marijuana seemingly has some connection to harmonicas. My word should be proof enough, but here's one more:

Regarding harmonicas: Norton Buffalo is going to play NIC's Schuler Auditorium this Friday. He's the world's foremost harmonica player. Regarding marijuana: Norton was (and still is) in the Steve Miller Band. It's safe to say that, without Ol' Norton, Miller couldn't have pulled off his whole "space cowboy" thang. Without harmonica, you see, you can't claim to be a cowboy, which would have left Miller as just another stoner with a guitar.

Rocks Like Seatbelts & r & Tonight Gonzaga is going to get rocked harder than it's been rocked since the Jesuits stopped sponsoring kegs. What makes tonight any more rocking than your average weeknight? Yellowcard, Moneen and Rufio, that's what.

What more can be said about bands named after a caution in soccer and Peter Pan's sidekick in Hook, respectively, that isn't said by the names themselves? They rock in a safe, athletic, family-friendly way. They don't, like, rock the boat, as in courting controversy. No, that's not Gonzaga's bag at all. They couldn't very well let a bunch of vaguely punk rabble-rousers on campus when they've tried to hard to stifle other voices of dissent (The Vagina Monologues, reps from Planned Parenthood, et al.). No, that wouldn't do. So Yellowcard and Rufio -- and Moneen -- are just the ticket.

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