by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Jack Johnsonomics & r & For about as much Curious George soundtrack goodness as you can stand without actually attending one of Jack Johnson's concerts, you should check out Damon Castillo this Saturday at the Spread. Castillo's impression of Jack is so uncanny that we've decided to coin a term, Jack Johnsonomics, which we define as "the process by which a white dude with a guitar and a tan straight steals Johnson's surf slacker mentality, positive vibe and funky sing/rap delivery, selling it to the highest bidder in a bullish singer-songwriter market for far above its fair market value." Related term: White Boy Funk Bubble, the point at which such markets collapse. (This will happen sooner, hopefully, than later.)

Broken Hearts Club & r & Lewis Black was supposed to regale us with his like-Andy-Rooney-except-funny-type observations on Saturday at Northern Quest, but contractual obligations have kept him away. Instead, the bingo folks decided to bring the quasi-star-driven blues of Jim Belushi and the Broken Hearts. The show'll be great, we're sure, but if you want a bit of interactive fun, purposely mix up Jim Belushi with his (more talented) brother, Saturday Night Live alum John, screaming, "Do the samurai thing!" We hear he loves that.

Weekly Ponderable & r & If a news organization (say, for example, Fox 28 News) takes 10 minutes out of its 30-minute broadcast twice a week to recap what went down on one of its parent network's shows (say, for example, American Idol), can you still call it a news organization? Or do you have to call it (say, for example) a sniveling little entertainment-whoring fiefdom suckling at the gaudy teat of a megalomaniacal (and arch-conservative) corporate personality cult? We've drawn our conclusions; now draw your own.

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