by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Hip-Hop You Don't Stop... & r & ...for roughly two weeks at least. In addition to those groups featured this week (Blackalicious; Mo-Dill and Longshot) we have a slew of crews coming. This includes the return of Tre Hardson and the coming of Speech (of Arrested Development) at the Blvd with Mo-Dill and company as well as Fatlip, Possum John and perennial favs Lifesavas in support of Blackalicious. That's what the kids call "live."

Then, check out the section next week for another dissertation from our resident hip-hopologist, Andrew Matson, wherein he explains the enduring legacy of Del tha Funkee Homosapien -- who's also in town soon (on the 25th at Fat Tuesday's with Bukue One, Zac Hendrix, Serendipity Project, DJ Kruk and LaRue). Holla.

Book of Vapor & r & Not so long ago, Portland's Book of Maps played a house in the PDX with Spokane's favorite ring of gaseous matter, Belt of Vapor. Now it's BoV's turn, having BoM up to the 'Kan for a gig at Mootsy's on April 14. They're touring in support of their second album, II. That house party was reportedly off all sorts of hooks, so the least we can do is help BoV return the F-A-V-O-R.

Cash Moves Every BoB Around Us & r & Fat Tuesday's announced a battle of the bands to take place each Wednesday in May. It's a pretty standard setup, lacking all the fancy judges and whatnot the RAWK Final Four, while maintaining those tried-and-true BoB elements that pack clubs and crown winners without any regard to quality. Bring the most peeps, make the finals. Bring the most peeps again, win $1,000. If you've got a grip of groupies and want fistfuls of dollars, this is your thing.

Hip-Hop You Don't Shop & r & We thought, for a while, about showcasing MP3 blogs here in Sound Advice. Then we found the Hype Machine and realized the job was done for us. We pass it on to you now: the gift of dope, free music. Visit

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