by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Someone Yet Loves Yeltsin & r & It's just not Mikhail Gorbachev. Just two weeks after Gorby told Time that Yeltsin ruined Russia (and that Putin is fixing it?!), blogger faves Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin hit town (Monday, at Rock Coffee) to offer some conciliatory balm to the man who single-handedly floated the vodka market as he sunk the rest of the newly democratic nation. The group's not political at all, and its members carry none of the gulag-heavy malaise you might expect from a band with that name, they just want Yeltsy to know that his (marginal) efforts haven't been forgotten. We'd say more, but we wasted all our space on that alcoholism joke and on name-dropping Time magazine ... shame.

10 More Minutes Down & r & Ska stalwarts 10 Minutes Down headline a -- prepare your necks for a wicked double-take -- triple CD release party at Fat Tuesday's on Friday, in celebration of their latest album, Of Cabbages and Kings. If you've been salivating for a new taste of 10MD's home cooking for three years, it's feedin time. The remaining simultaneous releases (insert fave sex joke) are Man of Action's debut EP The War at Home (Michael Rappaport is not amused) and an as-of-yet-unnamed disc from Christo-rudeboys the Visiting Hours.

Butt Rock & r & The gentlemen from Flee the Century reached a new level of stardom during their face-melting, synthaphonic 25-minute set at Mootsy's on Saturday night. Not only did lead singer Erik Anderson get away with thwacking some guy in the front row right in the face while gesticulating wildly (the dude didn't even flinch!), but the band played so well, so loudly, and with such fervor that people were crapping their pants. Literally. The proof is in the soiled pair of underoos we found plastered to the men's room floor. Congrats, guys. You've made it.

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