by Inlander Staff & r & & r & On the Final Four Front & r & This one's for the (high school) kids. RAWK announced it's moving its Final Four to the Service Station for next year. The way-north side coffeeshop/performance joint has primarily featured Christian rock shows in the past, which fits RAWK's normal fare, but the Final Four is a mostly non-religious event, and RAWK's Dale Strom thinks the event is a signal that the venue is beginning to consider adding a bit of secular flexibility to their jazz-and-God offerings. "I think they're heading toward more general market shows," he says.

The Final Four will begin on Jan. 13, but we're telling you about it now so that you can get in line for the Fall Showcase that begins in October at the Big Dipper. This is an opportunity for high school bands to audition and, Strom says, "basically, show us what they can do." The showcases will tentatively begin Thursday-Saturday, Oct. 5-7, and should last for several weeks.

Operation Kill Boredom & r & More all-ages news from the Great White North. This Saturday, at Newport City Park in, uh, the city of Newport, Wash., is a free festival called Operation Kill Boredom (for realsies), that's meant to keep you little droogs occupied and off drugs, sex and ultra-violence. It features seven hardcore acts including Fine Print of a Truce and Scarletta. Just what youths in Newport are supposed to do for the other 364 days of the year that Operation Kill Boredom isn't happening remains little unclear at this point.

Two Shows, One Place & r & Empyrean is playing host to a dope weekend of shows. They've got High Violets, Juniper Sky and Tee Vee on Friday. On Saturday, they play host to Tokio Weigh Station, Flee the Century, Red Fern and Belt of Vapor.

Witness to Wartime: The Painted Diary of Takuichi Fujii @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

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