by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Down for the Count & r & It happens to the best of us, and, amongst ska bands, they clung to life far longer than most, but the end has come for GU's beloved skanker alumni, 10 Minutes Down. They're going out, though, with the same largesse that typified their rise to prominence in the Inland Northwest. The gig happens on Sept. 9 at the Big Easy, but you'd better get your tickets now ($10 at Boo Radley's or 4000 Holes), thing's bound to sell out. The question no one is asking, though, is what will become of Mike Renes' Spokane Teachers Credit Union commercial, the one where he says he loves being in 10 Minutes Down? Creative editing, we'd guess.

Science on the Radio & r & KYRS has a fledgling indie-tronica show called Science Radio. It airs 1-3 pm on Fridays, and if its first set list (which can be peeped at thine leisure via the blog at is any indication, it'll be a nice pre-drive-time run up to your weekend. They enjoy things we also like. Hence, we strongly urge you to like them, too.

Party in the Green Room & r & Raw's cavernous new expansion has been open for a tick, but the first proper band show isn't happening until tomorrow night, when Seaweed Jack and La Cha Cha christen the space in debaucherous style. Jack drummer Anthony Stassi has personally vowed to eat his own head if you don't leave satisfied.

Mount Up & r & Nate Dogg, the LBC's original ghetto crooner, played the Grail last Friday, but before he did, he and his five bodyguards and one random dude bounced to NorthTown Mall. As he perused the wares at D.E.M.O., two of said bodyguards puffed up their chests at the door whilst the other three flanked him continuously. The random dude, according to our Nate Dogg correspondent, "was just hanging out." The muscle wasn't really necessary, though the door guards did discourage at least one small child from getting an autograph.

Reclaiming Culture: The Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska Repatriation @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

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