Shoot The Gift

Every week, we at Sound Advice try our damnedest to come up with insidery, pop-culture-laden puns to make into headlines that don't tell you anything. "Shoot the Gift" is perfect for a hip-hop show this time of year: a bit of old-schoolish rap jargon denoting lyrical proficiency with a built-in Christmas twist. Too bad we didn't think of it first. It's the name given to a positively massive hip-hop show featuring Erik Beats, Cozz McDust, Tom Foolery, Cursive Adonis, Freetime Synthetic, Quiz Ten and others at the Spread this Friday. It's not fun if you do it for us guys, c'mon.

Real Live Sound

A packed house or two, and all of a sudden it seems like Spokane's got a Reggae scene. Or at least a companion to Raggs & amp; Bush Doktor. John Gardener of Real Life Sound reports spinning to a Blue Spark totally packed at 1:45 am last weekend. But then, when have you not seen the Blue Spark packed on a Friday? Good result for Gardener and brother-in-turntables Wan Parris, but a truer test will be the turnout at the amorphous Far West on Thursday, and even better, at Jimmy'z on Saturday.

What's not happening Christmas

Now we know you're dyed-in-the-wool Americans -- patriots and believers all -- we don't question that. But say, for the sake of argument, you aren't going to celebrate the birth of Jesus in either pious reflection, manic-depression or alcohol-fueled familial back-biting.

Say you want to go out like Christmas Eve were a normal Sunday night. What are you going to do in a town like this, where even certain Chinese joints close down for X-mas? You're going to go to see Dog House Blues at Mr. G's or Cary Fly at the Bend, that's what. Hope you're a blues fan.

It's about the same on Christmas Day. Nothing, save for Cris Lucas strumming acoustically at Parkside Bistro in Coeur D'Alene and DJ Doorman Spinning at the Spread. Good luck and Godspeed, you pagans.

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