Empyrean Reopening Soiree

Because of the way things rolled this week, we didn't have space to write about Empyrean's grand reopening. In order to rectify this, we sponsored the event, giving them a big ass ad so that you wouldn't miss any of the festivities. (See pg. 18 for the ad or the listings on pg. 36.) The three-day musical event is free; they just want you to make sure you bring coffee money. With the likes of Karli Fairbanks, Joel Smith, Teevee and Wayne Patrick spread over three days, this is seriously the best free music you're going to see all year. Or next year... since this year's almost over...

Jesse's Girl

Sometimes things just come together. It's perfect that Rick Springfield, pop rocker and General Hospital hunk, has seen fit to play Northern Quest Saturday, where the confluence of retired soap opera watchers and middle-aged rock fans flocking to spend their money is sure to reach a fever pitch.

Besides First Night

It's great that Spokane sets out every New Year's Eve to give families fun, safe alcohol-free places for rugrats and recovering alcoholic parents to have safe, alcohol-free fun.

But none of us are ready to come to terms with our alcoholism (or the fact that we have children...), so we wanna get drunk! And see music while doing so. The best places to accomplish this are:

Frank Sinatra Jr. at Northern Quest

James Pants at Blue Spark

Flee the Century, The Blowouts, Yokohama Hooks and Laylah's Drink at the Spread

Sans Marley

The Wailers are, you guessed it, Bob Marley's former backup band. Seeing them live will have the near-religious significance of viewing the Shroud of Turin: A powerful reminder of a revered man, but sadly only a shell. There's a viewing at the Big Easy on Jan. 10.

Get Lit! 2021

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