by Inlander Staff & r & & r & An Acquisition and an Insult & r & Spokane an "under-served market"? We'll under-serve you! OK, no, you're right, Knitting Factory, we are underserved, especially musically. Which is why it's potentially great that Knitting Factory Entertainment -- owners of the two eponymous clubs in NY and LA, purveyors of such avant-garde faire as neo-psychedelia and the group Hasidic New Wave -- has bought a controlling interest in Bravo Entertainment. Though they promote countless concerts in the area, you know Bravo best as the hand that owns and operates the Big Easy from Boise.

Claiming to be "America's most prolific presenter of new and emerging musical talent," the Knitting Factory's venues routinely play host to the likes of the Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens and Death Cab for Cutie. Though that's heartening, it doesn't necessarily mean we're going to start getting any of those acts here.

Also remaining to be seen is whether the Big Easy will start canceling Club Fusion on nights when it's double-booked with an indie show, which forces early start times, quick sets and winds up shoving fans out the door. That's something that will provide a positive community impact.

Not Merit Based & r & Ever wonder what it takes to get profiled on those Pabst Blue Ribbon Tunes on Tap ads The Inlander runs? Talent? Perseverence? Well-placed sex favors? Hardly. We hate to ruin your illusion that some A & amp;R with cuffed jeans and a wallet chain will love your sound and put you in an ad, but all you do is e-mail, a pic and a 50-word bio. It doesn't have to be funny or heart-rending or smolderingly brilliant. It just has to be one of the first 30 e-mails we get. Oh, and you have to be over 21 because, you know, beer companies don't want to promote teen drinking. They just subsist on it.

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