by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Gigging Bloomsday & r & Yeah, the big race is still four months away, so you local jock-friendly bands might not be too concerned about staking out a spot on Doomsday, but you should be. Even though registration forms for the actual race haven't even been handed out yet, you bands only have until Feb. 10 to get your application forms in, and space is limited. (Check out for details.) As for those of us who just run the sidelines with a tambourine and a kazoo in a gilt thong that reads "I & lt;font color="red" & & lt;3 & lt;/font & Runners," there's no registration necessary.

Pedal to the Mettle & r & Besides fixing to be a good old time in general, the Robert Earl Keen show at the Big Easy on Sunday will also be something of a homecoming. Pedal steel player Marty Muse, it seems, is a Spokane native. Sure, he split town for Chicago at an early age, but he still makes for a pretty good civic boast. Muse is regarded as one of the best in the business on an instrument that's a bitch to pick up. "Every time we play with him, he plays something I've never heard him play before," says Brian Hofeldt, leader of Texas band the Derailers. "If Marty is on the gig, you know it's gonna be a bad-ass gig."

AKA Swoon Syndrome & r & This week ran an incredibly hard-hitting piece on celebrity exhaustion, citing the multifarious ways this new and dangerous star-slayer can strike, and also suggested possible deeper problems. Sounds kinda familiar, like maybe Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson have been reading a little Jane Austen. You landed Victorian gentry got a bunch of mandatory socializing and promotions crap you don't want to do? Or say your corset's too tight and you pass out. Glad the prima donnas of 2K6 are finally learning a thing or two from the prima donnas of the late 19th century.

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