by Inlander Staff & r & & r & The Oscar Goes To & r & Los Angeles experi-power pop band Gosling aren't hella soft like the goslings you might find in nature. They're hella edgy, propulsive, theatrical and even a little hard, like our fave actor Ryan Gosling (who is a force of nature). They're hard-hitting and precise like Gosling's Linebacker in Remember the Titans. Like Ry-Ry's character in United States of Leland, Gosling are sensitive types with dark souls that might lead them to do bad things. Like Mr. Gosling in The Notebook, though, they have hearts of soft, hot gold. Gosling -- the band -- plays the Big Dipper tonight.

Revisionist History & r & Like the black elk that used to stalk the North American mountain ranges of yore, the eponymous Portland-based band play a sludgy, screamy, proggy metal that's as infectious as the bite of a ... black elk, we guess. They're at Mootsy's tonight.

Not As Advertised & r & Aubrey Debauchery does this crazy thing where she double-tracks her soft voice, makes her sound hecka androgynous. And wonderful. Little light on the debauchery though. She's at Rock next Wednesday.

'Tis the Season... & r & ...for illness, it seems. Burgeoning Seattle star Brandi Carlile was so sick at her Fat Tuesday's gig that she cut her set short, saying whatever she'd caught had killed her falsetto. Wethinks it only enhanced her voice, especially on Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'" (resonant, considering the club's closure). The next night, the Duhks' frontwoman bowed out after three songs with the same ailment. Turned out all right, though, as the rest of the band took a break and headed to the green room to remember how to play some tunes they hadn't played in years. We've rarely seen a band having so much fun.

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