by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Reggaeton & r & Everyone's favorite Wu-Tang-collaborating reggae star, Junior Reid -- accompanied by his oddly named band, the Reggae Angels -- is hitting the Big Easy this Saturday. There's like zero chance he'll play "One Blood Under the Wu," for obvious reasons, but this is just about as close as any Wu-bangers are coming to Spokane in the near future, so go glean something.

Unplugged & r & Kudos to 7 for recognizing the trend in local, acoustic music and then giving it so much play -- literally. The Acoustic Explosion showcase the Spokesman's tabloid presented on Saturday night had Empyrean Coffee more tightly packed than we've ever seen it. And though the talent was hit-and-miss, the sense of community was -- shall we say -- electric.

Biggest BOB Ever & r & Saturday night's taping of the reality TV program, The Indie Show, at the Big Easy was canceled after the production tour bus broke down somewhere between Portland and Spokane (apparently stranding crew members, who were out of cell phone range). The show, which is meant to be something like an American Idol for bands playing original material -- that's about all we know so far -- has been shooting Round 1 footage in cities across the country. It was scheduled to showcase local bands Clintch, Fine for Now, Seaweed Jack, Lucid, Seven Cycles, Paper Mache and Shoved -- one of which would advance to Round 2 in another, presumably larger city. Fans who showed up Saturday night were at least treated to an impromptu street show by Paper Mache, though. Those who didn't make it down to the Big Easy will have to wait for the show's organizers to reschedule the Spokane shoot. No word on when that will be yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear.

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