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We were stoked to have the (Clash-esque) politi-punks the Cops coming to town this week (had an article written and everything), but it wasn't meant to be. They were supposed to play Saturday at Empyrean, but they apparently got a better gig offer over in Seattle. (We blame the Capitol Hill Block Party; that's the last time you screw us over!) Alex at Empyrean, though, has assured us he's working to reschedule.

File Under "Possible"

Last we'd heard, the geniuses who made Spokane safe for rock again -- the guys at the 40 Oz House -- had gotten fed up with putting on shows at their pad and vowed never to do it again. But now here we are, getting press releases from national publicity houses saying that Giant Squid (yes, Giant f---ing Squid!) is going to be playing the house on Friday. The band's MySpace page corroborates this, but the guys at the house never got back to us so we're not sure. You Squid fans might want to go and, you know, loiter around the back door until something -- or nothing -- happens.

Yes, Metal

Provided free of editorializing: James Pants invites you to a heavy metal dance party at the Peking North on Friday. Neither the genre nor the location are typos. You've been warned.

There's One of Those For Everything

Did you know that there's a Hall of Fame for Western Swing Music? Hell yeah, and it's based out of Seattle, which may or may not be the western swing music capital of the world (we're guessing not, but then, it's not like Cooperstown is the baseball capital, either). Why you should care: One of Spokane's own, pedal steel virtuoso Dean Simmons, is fixin' to be inducted into the Western Swing Music Hall of Fame. Among his accomplishments are performances in the '60s on Jamboree, KREM's version of the Grand Ol' Opry. Congratulations Dean.

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