by Inlander Staff & r & & r & The Sound the Shop Heard & r & You got no excuse for missing the Sound the Hare Heard touring show. OK Birds chopped out jazzy chords while tweeting and screaming and nearly blowing a vein in his head. Southerly reminisced about the bygone B-Side in the middle of a fascinating set of finger-picked tunes. And Thao Nguyen, the show's headliner, blew everyone away with the most contagious dose of pop folk that we've gotten in a long time. Shakers were shaken, glocks were glocked, and Nguyen was captivating.

Chances for Redemption & r & Make it up to the Shop this week, paying proper homage to two kick-ass shows that'll play there this week.

We first saw Point Juncture, WA at MusicFestNW in Portland last year, opening for synth stalwarts Viva Voce. They played an awe-inducing set, the six members hopping between traditional implements (guitars, bass, drums), and taking turns on vibes and various brass instruments while delivering a down-beat, ethereal sound. They hit the Shop tonight at 7 pm. You shouldn't miss this.

Keep your dance card open for the following Thursday, too, when the Shop hosts Jason Webley, whom we've personally seen turn similar coffee-houses into carnival freak shows with his bizarre yet totally captivating Tom Waits-y accordion playing. He'll need a larynx replacement by the time he's 30.

What a Week & r & As if we haven't given you enough to do this week, here are two more shows you shouldn't miss: Rory Block and Kate Tucker. Block's an old-school country blues guitar goddess. Tucker's a (smoking hot) indie popster from Seattle with a voice like Dolores O'Riordan from the Cranberries. The former plays the Met next Thursday (June 29). The latter will appear on KYRS at 11 am on Tuesday, play Coffeeville in Coeur d'Alene that night, then show up at the U of I Commons on Wednesday night. Get out there!

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