by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Kid 'n' Play & r & Who's Patrick Dundas? Hell if we know. Nearest we can figure, just some dude who wants you to come to his house to see a hip-hop show Friday. Sounds crazy? Yeah, but we'll explain. Dundas will be hosting the Listener Tour of Homes, wherein MC Listener and MC Odd Thomas tour the country playing shows at whatever house party will have them. Dundas lives on North Adams, but if you live out East, Listener and Thomas'll spit one night later (this Saturday) in Post Falls at Josh Jaklich's house. Don't know that guy either, but both he and Dundas have far more faith in humanity than we ever will. Get driving directions and whatnot at

Lead Off Hit & r & To the 80 or so of you who turned out to Fat Tuesday's on Friday: unbelievable, wasn't it? We mean, the headliners, Action Action, were pretty good, and Something for Rockets were all right (like the Strokes with keyboards, disturbing Weird Al hair, receding hairlines), but it was the openers, Men Women and Children, that fairly blew our minds. Hot damn, were they awesome--decidedly dance punk with an obvious New Power Generation fetish. We're not joking about that, Prince was in full effect all evening. Bassist Rick Penzone looks a bit like him and definitely channels the Artist's frilly dress and girly coif. Of course, like all good dance punk bands and like all good disco funk purveyors, Men Women and Children's sound is infinitely bigger and better in a live contest. That is to say: You all missed out huge.

Take heart, though. We spoke with drummer David Sullivan Kaplan, and he says there's a pretty good chance they'll be rolling back through in May. By then their Warner Brothers debut will have dropped (look for it March 21) and they'll be everywhere, making your slutty friends dance and your indie friends nod approvingly.

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