by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Guerilla Cinema & r & It's sweet when a group of 40-something rappers (the Beastie Boys), curse in the title of their concert film, then bow to pressure from theaters and take the word out. Way to, you know, keep it real or whatever. Awesome I F---ing Shot That! Will run tonight only, at 8 pm at Regal's NorthTown theater. The film will be accompanied by a fake documentary on the fake life of Nathaniel Hornblower, Adam Yauch's alter ego. We'd say "m'eh," but it stars David Cross as Hornblower, so magic could happen.

Double-Tall Weekend & r & We're all hot for the Chuckanut Drive show at Rock Coffee Friday (see story, right), the Rock Coffee schedule for the rest of the weekend has us thinking we might just bring a tent and set up camp there. Tonight they've got Raccoon -- a band we can't get enough of right now -- with the High Holies, BirdGang and Glacial Ghost. Friday, we're curious to see Robert Dunn and the North Country open for Chuckanuts. And Saturday, the little brick-walled coffee shop plays host to Dave G's LIMBS CD release party (with Belt of Vapor and Flee the Century). Is it possible to get a caffeine hangover? We're going to find out.

W.W.U.S.E.D. & r & Who ever said Presbyterians can't dance? We did, actually, but we were proven wrong at the Velella Velella/Pale Pacific/U.S.E. show at Whitworth on Saturday night. The massive HUB multipurpose room was a drag, as you couldn't see a thing if you weren't in the first couple rows. Those rows, though, jumped up and down and sang along to the Pale Pacific, then positively lost their minds when United States of Electronica busted out its ebullient, synthy nouveau disco. We haven't seen that kind of sweating, rocking enthusiasm since that last big tent revival.

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